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[August 2003] Soundate announces the first beta version of the gatExplorer, which is going to be released commercially soon. It is soundate's first software client bringing in a completely new experience with digital music content. gatExplorer automatically organizes collections of music files by analyzing their audio content - a feature no conventional music player offers at the moment. In order to make the usage of the program more comfortable for the user soundate's gatExplorer employs a new visualization technique for digital music content using soundate's gatMap technology.

Today an increasing amount of audio content is available in digital form, e.g. as files on local computers or global computer networks. Facing the rapidly growing number of music files and their mostly unstructured distribution, soundate's gatExplorer offers a solution, which helps music vendors and consumers to keep overview over their music collections and organize the files included in these collections. Soundate makes it possible to structure and classify audio content in terms of the actual content of the music file, not on potentially faulty or incomplete meta data like artist, title or genre.
There are three goals that the first version of the soundate gatExplorer aims to achieve:

  • Automatically structuring digital music according to its acoustical content. Organizing and exploring music content according to music genres.
  • Representing usage patterns and music content within so-called Generic Audio Tree maps (gatMaps) - an innovative and intuitive way of visually representing collections of music files.
  • Synchronizing usage patterns and content preferences of music vendors and consumers. Immediate synergy effects arise from this so-called handshake-method on both sides.
Click here for a screenshot of the gatExplorer. [back]

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